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Our Artists

The first thing you notice when entering Trio Carmel is the vibrant and richly contemporary atmosphere that's generated by the fabulous work of the artists we exhibit.  Our goal is not only to bring deserved recognition to the talents of our artists but to expose the incredible personalities that are at the root of the work.

One consistent theme each of our artists share is that they have a deeper meaning in their lives through art, following their intuition rather than a beaten path. The passion they exude in and for their work is both infectious and inspiring. We consider ourselves blessed to have such incredible individuals in our lives and honored to showcase their work. 

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Patricia Qualls, Carmel Valley, California

patriciaPatricia Qualls grew up on a modest farm in the Tennessee Valley, eventually finding her way to Carmel Valley where she now resides. Patricia has an executive MBA from Pepperdine University and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Having discovered her artistic passion, Patricia is now a highly recognized expressionist artist, working full time in her art studio in Carmel Valley.

Qualls follows the rich traditions explored by many of the great expressionist artists of the early-to-mid twentieth century such as Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Hassel Smith, Robert Rauschenberg, Joan Mitchell, and Jackson Pollock. Qualls quickly gravitated to the ‘purity’ of expressionism, allowing for the physicality and spontaneity of the moment to move paint on canvas without influence or judgment from the outside. Frankenthaler called it “joyous abandon” and Qualls refers to it as having freedom to experiment. In some of her work, one can see influences of dripping from Pollock and Mitchell, staining and rubbing from Frankenthaler, with each layer of texture connected through scraping and large brush strokes. And like Francis, Qualls integrates light into all aspects of her work as she believes light is something each and every one of us is drawn to, offering hope and healing. Qualls’ work has been exhibited in numerous galleries throughout the western United States and is part of the George Blair permanent collection at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

Carol Ann, Tucson, Arizona

Carol AnnPercussionA burning need for inner-inspired creativity and self-fulfillment led Carol Ann from a successful corporate career in the bourgeoning technology industry to her present nationally-recognized position as an innovative and colorful abstract artist.

Carol Ann paints from her life experience: Family, travel, organic inspiration and the human experience are found in her work. And her audiences find themselves in her work.

“I paint interpretations of my joy and appreciation for a bountiful life. As is life, each painting is complex: Color, texture, method, material, application, style and technique, subjective and emotional. Painting is a journey of self-discovery from a blank canvas through an intuitive and unpredictable process to a place of self-recognition."

When Carol Ann and a gallery guest or a collector are seen talking over one of Carol Ann’s paintings, you know they are sharing life with each other.



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